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Casey Curran

Studio Supervisor and Educator at Cornish College of the Arts

The Glowforge has been really effective as a beacon for drawing new students into our curriculum.

One of the great benefits of the Glowforge is rapid prototyping. Being able to jump from your design to the Glowforge, cutting it, seeing if your components align…it has revolutionized the way students are making work.

I first saw Glowforge online. I took those videos to our administration, and it wasn’t too hard to convince them that this was a tool the school needed to use.

Patrick Benfield

Innovation Director, The Magellan School

Glowforge is helping democratize making for people of all ages and backgrounds.

We already had a different laser cutter [at the school] but we noticed it remained relegated to a certain age and to those with a techie background. It was harder for students to use and there was a steep learning curve in terms of hardware and software. That lead us to think about the Glowforge.

Because of its form factor and ease of operation, our Glowforge really has transformed how we think and how we approach making and innovation with even our youngest students.

Because the Glowforge allows such low barriers to entry, if a student can hold a pen or pencil, then they can access this really powerful tool. It’s mind blowing. It gets the kids and teachers excited to take the first step, and then keep on going which is critical for the kind of programming we’re creating in our school.

It’s been quite magical having this machine.

We keep our Glowforge on a low table, so that even the youngest students can walk up to it and open the lid. It’s quite phenomenal how it’s become a regular part of the school day. It’s magical, but it’s not scary. It really cuts down the time being having a great idea and having it come to life.

Danaea Brown

Interior Architecture Student at Cornish College of the Arts

The first time I saw a Glowforge, I was inspired to create something that had to do with my studies in interior architecture.

Now that I’ve used the Glowforge, there’s no way I would go back…It just makes it so easy to be able to just set up a file and print it.

Using the Glowforge allowed me to build upon the work that I wanted to do in a really quick and efficient way.

Once I graduate, I definitely see myself continuing to use the Glowforge.

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