Glowforge Education Ambassadors

Glowforge Education Ambassadors

The Education Ambassador program is designed to help you share designs, lesson plans, ideas, and innovations with fellow Ambassadors who successfully use Glowforge in their classrooms.

We’re seeking passionate, creative pioneers who champion change in their classrooms and encourage their students to explore the possibilities of making and creating. Through content creation, webinars, case studies, and conferences you’ll get to share your own experiences and be inspired by educators from all types of classrooms.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Education Ambassadors will have exclusive access to the Glowforge Education team and community to accelerate their journey to transform the learning experience in their classrooms. This is a unique opportunity to influence the trajectory of Glowforge use in learning spaces while building relationships with other Educator Ambassadors.

Summed up, here are just some of the benefits of the program:

  • An ongoing relationship with the Glowforge Education team
  • Ample networking opportunities with other Educator Ambassadors
  • Access to curated workshops and events to expand your teaching repertoire
  • A Glowforge Welcome Package

Meet Our Current Ambassadors

Inspiring educators shape inspiring minds

Educators use Glowforge to transform teaching and learning in their classrooms and beyond.

Applicant Guide

Questions about the application process? Here is your comprehensive guide.

Join our community of educators

Through an ongoing relationship with the Glowforge Education Team, the Education Ambassador community celebrates and facilitates the work of educators like you who use Glowforge in their classrooms.