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Experience Glowforge in Action

A virtual demonstration is the best tool to help you envision Glowforge in your own space.

When scheduling a demo, most schools invite their principal, their technology department leader, and the teachers most likely to use Glowforge. The more the merrier! Schedule a demonstration and see how it aligns to standards in real time.

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Here’s what to expect in your demo:

1. Project Exploration

Your Glowforge Expert will share how schools are currently utilizing Glowforge to improve student engagement. Your expert can also help plan implementation of Glowforge in your curriculum.

2. Design with our software

After you’re thoroughly inspired, you’ll collaborate with your Expert to create a design using our simple-yet-powerful software. Common demo creations are keychains, bookmarks, and gift tags.

3. Print with Glowforge Pro

Here’s where the magic happens. With the press of a button, your design comes to life as a final print. If you ask real nicely, your Expert might even mail your creation to you!

Why Educators Choose Glowforge

Thanks to a few key features, Glowforge is the #1 laser in schools across all 50 states.

Standards-Aligned Lessons

Glowforge integrates seamlessly into any curricula. Our FREE standards-aligned lesson plans simplify implementation.

Easy to Use

Projects set up quickly and can be completed in one class period.
Even students who’ve never used Glowforge can hold their
finished creations in a matter of minutes.

Fosters Innovation

Glowforge’s state-of-the-art technology encourages students to hone their digital skills and knowledge in order to prepare them for their future careers – all at the push of a button.


Glowforge motors can control motion to a thousandth of an inch, and the laser can focus down to the width of a human hair. Combined, they can create prints with exquisite detail and precision.

Schedule your demonstration to make your own Glowforge magic